EHR Selection

Over 80 Behavioral Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions are on the market today, EhrSIO EHR projects focus on fitness of software for specific organizations – one size EHR does not fit all.

EhrSIO Manages the Purchase Process

The EhrSIO process includes elements of due diligence any company reporting to a responsible board of director, government agencies, funding sources and others needs. The information to design a sensible and responsible purchase is available from many sources; what’s lacking in many agencies is the earned wisdom and knowledge gained in managing hundreds of purchases. Leverage EhrSIO’s knowledge base garnered in over 20 years of service to the behavioral health sector.

One key to a successful selection process is to gather current knowledge that can be disparate in nature about appropriate vendors in one convenient location. EhrSIO’s research and tools include a time-tested model

Software performance, vendor rating, price comparison and functionality are all evaluated for specific environments and business processes.

And there’s more…much more.

Make the move into the EHR. EhrSIO is ready to introduce staff to the new world of the EHR. Experienced help in making your purchase is available by connecting with Terry Mcleod at