EHR Optimization

Upgrading an existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) overhauls the product, relationships and business processes and one primary goal when we engage in an optimization effort is to do that at less cost than purchasing a new system. EhrSIO EHR Projects optimization focus delivers great change with great success. If a product can fit the organization, EhrSIO can make it fit.

EhrSIO Manages the Optimization Process

Bring earned wisdom and knowledge to improve the EHR to your organization; apply over 20 years of EhrSIO EHR hands-on project management services to optimize your EHR by addressing a practical plan:

If the existing electronic record has been on-line for five years or more without improvement, it’s been dormant for a technological eternity. Make the move into the effective EHR.   EhrSIO is ready to introduce staff to the new world of an EHR that actually fits their business processes. Connect with Terry Mcleod at