• Happy Holidays!

    2011 has been a memorable year for MindHealthBiz. I hope I’ve helped steer some people in a positive direction with this bolg.

    MindHealthBiz continues to evolve, focusing more on the core expertise, which incase you don’t know is Hands-on Electronic Health Record selection, implementation and vitalization. I’ve met some new friends this year, which inspires gratitude. HolidayCard I’ve also had some people from my past help me out in ways I could never foresee. A ton of “coincidences” have come my way, all positive.

    I’ve had some personal trials this year, who hasn’t? I am convinced that every challenge has led me to a better spot. Perhaps it’s just the old addage “That which doesn not kill us makes us stronger”…I prefer to look at each one of these events and situatios in my life as gifts from the Universe.

    Remember in 2012, Peace and Love is where it’s at! -T.

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