These days, my customers include major social services’ mental health programs in the New York City area and several addiction treatment programs in NYC and on Long Island. Additionally, a major consulting firm I contract with delivers Electronic Health Record (EHR) screen design, Crystal Report writing and EHR business process integration tasks from Virginia to Florida and across the nation…EhrSIO has become quite busy, working with behavioral health professionals and associates in the EHR field.

This comes from being blessed with a strong background in working with the EHR. TSeated

My roots in this business were in selling implementing and supporting a several county mental health clinics in Oregon. Little did I know a long, fruitful and gratifying career was ahead of me while working with the professionals at Klamath County Mental Health, Pendleton County Mental Health and Coos County Mental Health.

I worked as Vice President of Johnson Computing, a small company with a big destiny. I was charged with organizing and helped design solutions for a number of customers across the country. A number of these customers, like BAART in San Francisco, Lower East Side Service Center in New York and Denver’s Mental Health department required a broad understanding of how the integrated addiction and mental health services were in some ways different, others quite similar. These organizations were growing to be “Multi-Service Agencies”. These days, it seems most provider organizations are headed in this direction through acquisitions of programs or starting new ones, which is fine with me, considering my rich history in these varied environments.

In total, I have personally overseen and implemented over fifty locations nationwide for addiction treatment facilities, and a number of them served mental health needs of the MICA consumers.

Johnson Computing was a great place to gain a foundation knowledge of the industry requirements for the EHR. We developed and implemented progress notes and treatment plans with automated charging to multiple guarantors while the world was still in DOS. It seems that no matter how much things same, the foundation understanding of the EHR remains constant, and additions tend to reflect rule and regulation changes and advancements in treatment.

I joined Netsmart Technologies while it was still Creative Socio-Medics. I had a wonderful experience working with New York’s Rensellear County’s Mental Health Department working for the director and with the project manager in designing solutions and providing project management services on a true “account management” level. This is a particularly good example because the relationship spanned a number of years and OMH introduced a number of programs and changes in how Medicaid consumers were treated and how billing was done. I’m still in contact with the director, who is a valuable reference resulting from this association.

Additionally, while at Netsmart I gained a great understanding of NYS OMH requirements and how to meet them at both county mental health facilities and complicated hospital environments like St Vincent’s Behavioral Health Hospital in Harrison, New York, and St Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam, NY. Both of these facilities had significant outpatient mental health programs. I served as Account Manager at St Vincent’s, resolving issues presented by the ever changing requirements of OMH.

All the experience I’ve gained over a number of years adds up to enable me to be flexible enough to design and implement solutions that I provide currently, meeting demands of APG billing, Health Home environments, and the upcoming requirement for BHOs.

Additionally, I have been blessed with a number of people who will speak in my behalf, so let’s connect and I’ll make arrangements for the appropriate discussions to be scheduled.